Erlangen, Buttenheim and Schlenkerla, now Open Seven Days

There was only one way to solve what was becoming a Kebab Crisis, have Curry-Heute. This involved Persuading everyone that Erlangen was The Place to start the Day. Not a problem, a Train Journey was just what people required. Eh? Twenty minutes from BambergThe Curry Desert, Erlangen boasts many Curry Houses, oops, Wrong Blog.

And it came to pass that the Erlangen Curry-Heute was washed down at the Kitzmann Brewery. Only Hector and Clive’s second visit, the Brewery is very easy to find and is minutes from the Station. Hector and Maggie had the Helles, Clive the Weizen. Marg had Peppermint Tea. The Bier went down slowly, we had just been Fed. Not an Outstanding Helles, Mahrs yesterday certainly had the edge. Frischeisen remains my all time Favourite Helles. I must get back to Kelheim sometime soon.

Dodging showers just, we were in Buttenheim some thirty minutes after leaving Kitzmann. The walk up the hill from Altendorf where the train actually stops is definitely remarkable. It always feels much shorter coming back.

Hansi Modshiedler, Mein Host, was at the door as we entered the Löwenbräu Buttenheim Brewery Tap.  As ever he did the Double Take, – I know him…? Today he was kept busy for the duration of our visit so we never had a chance to catch up. The Evening Doris did recognise us. Her Facial Expressions spoke volumes as she interacted with the various customers. She enjoys her work and has been here for years.

No Sugar was harmed in the making of this Bier – was Clive’s instant comment. The Löwenbräu Buttenheim Helles is Seriously Dry. At €2.00 per 0.5l, very easy on the Pocket too.

Evening Doris brought my new Krug, it was not the Standard Krug, but one of The Local’s own. On realising this, she nearly had apoplexy and stopped me drinking from it. The Chap across the room had spotted the potential Catastrophe. Ich Bin Locale auch, Ich kommst Hier zweimal pro Jahre. Sorted. If only that were true.

Back in Bamberg, there had to be a Taxi from the Bahnhof to Schlenkerla. Schlenkerla on a Tuesday? The Chap pouring the Urbock in the Main Tap Room had informed me on Sunday that the Ruhetag was no more. This had to be verified.

It was far from late even though Marg felt it was time to seek nocturnal repose.  Maggie had heard of the newly found Weinstube Pizzini, there had to be a final Bier, or Brandy for Maggie.  Tonight we stuck with the tried and tested Spezial.  The price of the Bier was OK for a Pub, but the Brandy and Coke cost more than two Biers. Be warned.

The Chaps on duty were different from last evening.  They would not be on duty tomorrow either. Still they interacted well as we took up the seats at the Stammtisch opposite the bar. Led Zeppelin II, played in its entirety.  When did I last hear this?  And yes, Moby Dick was included.

Time for a Kebab.  Oh no… everywhere was closed.  How did that happen?

The Brewery Taps and Bar visited:-

Kitzmann – Sudl. Stadtmauerstr. 25, 91054, Erlangen

Löwenbräu Buttenheim – Marktstrasse 8, D-96155, Buttenheim

Schlenkera – Dominikanerstraße 6, 96049, Bamberg

Weinstube Pizzini – Obere Sandstrasse 17, D-96049, Bamberg

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  2. Neil says:

    A wee Staggs reference there? Just to confirm somebody’s paying attention!

  3. Gary Fouse says:

    Glad to see you visited my old stomping grounds in Erlangen and Nuremberg. I was last there in Sept. 2013. To my tastes, Kitzmann is superior to Steinbach. Tucher of Nuremberg was never my favorite. Though I have been to Bamberg several times, I have missed Buttenheim, but it sounds like I missed something. The old Bamberger Hofbrau was excellent but no longer exists. Tucher I think bought them up with several others.
    I have cross-posted your article and linked your blog.


    Gary Fouse
    US Army
    Erlangen 1966-68
    Author: Erlangen: An American’s History of a German Town.

    Gary’s German Beer Page

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