Heidelburger Schlossquell

Brewery  :  Heidelburger Schlossquell

House  :  Bräustüberl

Address  :  Bergheimer Straße 91, 69115,  Heidelberg

Date of first visit  :  10th April,  2004

URL  :  http://www.heidelberger-brauerei.de/

Dunkles 0.4l VF

This was a rather standard Dunkles. It was malty enough and went well with the food. (The Herrenteller was excellent.)

Weizen Hell 0.5l VF

This had big bananas. It was presented and did not look too cloudy and therefore took me by surprise. This was deemed to be an excellent Weissbier,


It took us three visits to gain access. The sign said it was open from 17.00 until 01.00, however on a visit at 23.00 it was already closed. Strangely we found it open on Good Friday. OK, we are not in Bayern.

This is quite a posh place. There is now a hotel here and the guests dined in this establishment.


3 Responses to Heidelburger Schlossquell

  1. Rick p says:

    Planning trip to Heidelberg & would like to know if the heidelberger Schlossquell beer is still available

    Hector replies:

    I haven’t been to Heidelberg for some years, though next year – 2016 – is a possibility. If they have no website, draw your own conclusions.

    • Bob says:

      as an American high school kid growing up in Heidelberg in the early 1970’s…..Schlossquell was the best beer I had ever tasted…….

      • Rick pritchett says:

        I visited Heidelberg for one day on a Viking cruise and couldn’t find the Schlossquell beer si settled for Vetters. It was very good

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