Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg Aktiengesellschaft

Brewery  :  Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg Aktiengesellschaft

House  :  Gastatte

Address  :  Leyergasse 6, 69117, Heidelberg

Date of first visit  :  April 8, 2004

URL  :  http://www.heidelberger-kulturbrauerei.de/

Naturub 0.5l VF

This was the worst Bier I had experienced in days. Being served in a Stein one could not even begin to identify what one was drinking.

Keller 0.5l VF

Had two of these so could not have been bad.

Helles 0.5l VF

This was excellent, dry and hoppy and slightly cloudy.

This venue was visited each day throughout the stay, the Bier improved with each encounter.


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