Josef Schneider

Brewery  –   Josef Schneider

House  – Brauereigasthof Schneider

Address  –  Altmühlgasse 10,  93343, Essing

Date of first visit  –   July 7th, 2005

Most recent visit  –   July 2008

Ruhetag  –  Nil


The first visit was part of Marg and Hector’s legendary Altmühltal vacation in 2005.  The glass boasts that this is the smallest brewery in the region.  The Bier is outstanding and hence this was chosen as the end point of the 2008 Bus Tour.

Helles  0.5  VF

My first ever taste of the Bier lead me to believe that I had been given a Marzen instead of the Helles.  The brewery presently does not list a Marzen.  The Bier had a darker hue than I was expecting and was full bodied.  I noted at the time that it was excellent.  Given that we were resident at Frischheisen this is quite a statement.


The bulk of the photos feature the very first of the series of Hector’s Horrible Holidays t-shirts.