Brewery  –   Greif

House  –   Gastätte – The Source

Address  –   Sattlertorstr. 18, 91301, Forchheim

URL  –

Date of first visit July 30th, 1997

Most recent visit 2008? (now closed)

Bier Notes:

Annafest 0.5 Fl

That my first Bier at Greif was the Annafest shows just how much I had yet to discover about the area. The Annafest is legendary, after three great visits hopefully 2012 will see a return.

Back in 1997 the Bier was described as: ‘..dark Bier in a stone pot, not outstanding. Suddenly becomes better as a mad German who supports Rangers and hates the English insists on buying us another Bier, and immediately left.’ This was definitely a good start.

Helles 0.5 VF

 My next recorded visit was in August 2003. Marg was in tow, she went for a wander. I recalled the Rangers supporter and this time had a local nutter sitting beside me. There was a return trip in October the same year and the place was closed, the three houses were never found open simultaneously. The Helles became the Bier of choice on all subsequent visits.