Hebendanz – Forchheim

forchheim-hebendanz-bier-traveller-6Brewery  –   Hebendanz

House  –   Gastätte – The Source

Address  –   Sattlertorstr. 14, 91301

URL – http://www.brauerei-hebendanz.de/

Date of first visit  –   July 30th, 1997

Most recent visit  –   November 5th, 2016

Bier Notes:

Export Hell 0.5 VF  5.0%

forchheim-hebendanz-bier-traveller-12Passing the closed (Ruhetag) Neder we found ourselves in Hebendanz. The place had more atmosphere than the spartan Greif. Definitely more popular than Greif. Goulash Soup was ordered. The Helles was described thus: ‘…very nice, is this the first traditional Helles of the trip?’

Forchheim is always visited whilst staying in Bamberg, the Brewery Taps when we are not at the Annafest. In the last visit we were given spicy cheese by the locals, we could have stayed all day, absolutely loving the place. Again, the smoking ban has made the experience here a very pleasant one.