Gunzenhausen is on the western approach to the Altmühltal Nature Park, or The Jurassic Park as it also sells itself. This was the starting point for Hector and Marg’s first ever Hire-Drive German vacation. Staying for three nights the plan was to explore the local settlement by day and the surrounding breweries at dusk, before settling back to enjoy the night life that Gunzenhausen had to offer.

The local fortifications proved interesting as did the view of a chimney from our window which storks nesting on the top. The Altmühlsee is a short walk from the town also. The Roman Wall, the Limes, which crossed this part of Europe is also commemorated here.

The Hotel and Brewery of Gunzenhausen and a few kilometres outside:

Hotel  Gasthof Adlerbräu

Leuchtturm – Wirtshaus und Brauere

Schorschbräu- Oberasbach