Brewery  –   Schorschbräu

House  –   Gastätte – The Source

Address  –   Obernasbach, Gunzenhausen


Date of first visit – July 7th, 2005

Most recent visit

This was a short evening drive out of Gunzenhausen to what was clearly a small brewery. Schorschbrau Hausbrauerei is what I noted at the time. We were the first customers served by an elderly Doris. She appeared to be surprised there were customers.

This Brewery has worked hard in recent times in taking the title of the Brewery which makes the strongest Bier in the World. There was certainly no suggestion of aggressive marketing when Hector and Marg visited. Indeed the Biers noted below do not appear to be on their current list.

Bier Notes:

Helles 0.5l VF

This was described on the list as a Naturub but was in fact quite clear. The fact that this was the first Bier of the day poured may have explained why it tasted a bit flat. After Leuchtturm the previous evening, this felt rather sweet; however it did start to grow on this commentator.

Dunkels 0.5l VF

Having made the effort to visit I thought I had better try this Bier too. It was frankly better than the Helles, in the Tony Rating I gave it #3