Brewery  –   Frischeisen

House  –   Gaststätte  –  The Source

Address  –   Regensburger Strasse 69, 93309, Kelheim

Date of first visit  –   August 3rd, 2003

Most recent visit  –  August 2008


URL  –

Arriving by train at Saal (Donau) one has to negotiate the bus journey to the edge of Kelheim.  Hector now knows to alight when one sees the chimney, on the first visit it was a taxi back from the town centre.

Having done the Kelheim things, the time came for a relaxing evening at the Brauhaus Frischeisen.  To say the Bier impressed would be an understatement.  I have taken everyone to Frischeisen since.  It is that good.

The accommodation is typical of the small German breweries: clean, comfortable  and great value.  The Buffet Breakfast is substantial.

Urtyphell  0.5 l  V.F.

Having spent the previous six years drinking Weissbier as the number one choice, August 3rd, 2003, goes down in history.  I had forgotten how good Helles can taste.  This Bier hit the spot more than any Helles I had experienced to that date.  I would like to compare it with Edelstoff presently.

Pils  0.5l  V.F.

I suspect I was given this Bier in error.  This means I can also date my negative reaction to Pils to this date also.  I was never a fan but never had strong feelings against.  To this day I absolutely refuse to drink Pils brewed in Deutschland.  It is perfume on my palate.

Marzen  0.5l  Fl.

This bottle was a bounty taken back to the room at the end of the night.  Does this mean I was last in Frischeisen?

Dunkles  0.5  VF

In October 2004, after a decent quantity of the Helles I tried the Dunkles.  Phenomenal was how I described it.

When we departed in 2008 Mein Host gave us all a free T-Shirt.  Add this to the Baseball Cap I received on my previous visit and he has done well for us.  The magical moment was when Mein host arranged our luxury coach to take us in and out of town, collect us from Essing and return us to the station. The cost was minimal, embarrassingly so.

Hector believes he is overdue a return visit…