Brewery  –  Löwenbräu

House Brauhaus Keller – The Source

Address  –  Nymphenburgerstrasse 2, Am Stiglmaierplatz, 80335

Date of first visit  –   July 1976

Most recent visit  –   January 1st, 2011

Ruhetag  –  Nil

URL  –  http://www.loewenbraeukeller.com

Bier Notes

Helles, 0.5 VF

The Helles was Hector’s favourite Bier for many, many years. In 1997 the tastebuds finally evolved to accept Weissbier.

Dunkel, 0.5 VF

A very quaffable Bier though Hector has always felt that while Löwenbräu won in the Helles battle, the Hofbräu Dunkel was the favoured choice. In 1997 the notes remark that when the malt taste came through, this Bier was thoroughly enjoyed.

Having seen litres of Hofbräu, we never managed to get hold of litres initially, we found it difficult to duplicate this pleasure in the Löwenbräu outlets. Having done the brewery tour, at the second time of trying, we knew that Löwenbräu  appealed to our palate most at this time. This venue is/was just along from the gate from which the tours began. The lions outside are a definite landmark. The fact that there is a vast Festhaal which Hector has never seen in use still puzzles. After the Mathäser closed why Lowenbräu did not develop this as an alternative to the Hofbräuhaus Visits here have been sporadic over the years, usually when food calls. Service can vary from excellent to annoyingly slow.