Binz is the largest settlement on Rügen Island. Located on the far eastern side of the former Archipelago it is served directly by Inter City Trains. The Hauptbahnhof lies to the North of the town as does the infamous would-be Ghost-Town of Prora.

Binz has a splendid Beach, the forest to the north continues along the Promenade as a line of trees but is in keeping with what lies on both sides of the town.

The Pier invites one to walk out into the Ostsee, but to what effect? From the end one can see the whole of the front of the town with ease. This is a pleasant place which attracts a particular Demographic, we felt young. Those of that age must wonder at the array of goods on sale in the shops. That the Outdoor Shops are selling Waterproofs and Fleeces at the height of summer makes one feel quite at home.






One of many Bier outlets, selling pretty much the same awful stuff:

Binzer Bierstuben, Hotel Granitz – Jasmunder Strasse, Binz, Rügen

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