Sassnitz is the second largest settlement on Rügen Island and very much a Port rather than a Resort. From here one can take the Ferry to St. Petersburg, one day… The minuscule Altstadt is on a slope down to a Promenade leading to the original Harbour.

The Baltic Architecture is unlike anything else on Mainland Germany, it has a charm. The Harbour is the focal point of the town with the Tourist Information and a line of attractive Restaurants giving way to the original purpose of the Port. Day Trips one expects, but Boats that are Restaurants, even better. One has to try the Fish – Smoked Mackerel…. I was reminded of Sorrento (Italia) in terms of layout and functionality, Sassnitz has more happening. There was another boat, a U Boot! Brochures are everywhere for the U Boot Museum, we didn’t go. It did not tick the box, a British Submarine is not a U Boot in my book.

There are flights of stairs up to the new town but quite recently a new Suspension Footbridge (it is not on Google Earth as of July 2012) has been erected which leads from the Harbour in a large loop to a Main Square. A 1960s Hotel stands proudly adjacent to this, ugh.

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