Zinnowitz is a stunning town. From the moment one walks down from the station the quality of the housing cannot fail to impress. Every house, garden and pathway is maintained to a level beyond belief. Hector cannot afford to visit Sverge or Norge, but imagines this is how it could be. There is one very large Communist-looking building that has fallen into disrepair, but for how long?

The Strand Strasse is where everyone congregates, this leads straight to the Pier which is more Promenade than Dock. The Baltic Twin Beach Chairs are for hire on the Beaches to either side of the Pier. The oldest buildings are quaint, but then to the north one sees a huge Concrete Block, how much was a room there?



Bier outlets visited in Zinnowitz:

Düne  –  Strandpromenade, Zinnowitz

The Indian Villa  –  Neu Strandsrasse 33, 17454, Zinnowitz

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