Traben-Trarbach – Altstadt Cafe

To say Hector had fun at Altstadt Cafe (Mittelstraße 12, 56861, Traben-Trarbach) would be the understatement of the 21st Century.  Since Easter 2002 when Marg and I first set foot on these premises there was  a near continuous party.  The price was right, the room was spacious there had to be a catch.  This was discovered the next morning when at 07.00 the loudest bell on the planet seemed to ring right outside our window.  The reality is that everywhere in the Mosel Valley this happens, and most days one now sleeps through the bells, why is that?

Frank Ebbers, Mein Host has a birthday days away from my own.  Being the same age we have grown up listening to the same German Rock Bands, he prides himself on having a Rock Bar.  This man knows Grobschnitt, Eloy, the Scorpions…  I recall the sun coming up whilst listening to Solar Musik Live.

At breakfast, time negotiable,  was Rosi, who sadly was no longer resident after the first few years.  Our attempts at communicating over the years were a standing joke, we didn’t think she spoke German.    There was a locals night held at the end of December, we have attended this and were made welcome.  By this time most of our regular group is well known to the locals.  The taxi drivers do not need a name sign at Flughafen Hahn.

For years the Friday night flight from Prestwick saw us arrive at midnight. (Frank always had a taxi waiting for his guests.) This would be a late night, a long lie, and then the party resumed.  We have occupied every room at times and spilled over into the adjacent Goldenen Traube. Two New Years (Silvester) have been brought in at The Altstadt Café.

Draught Reissdorf was the Kölsch. Draught Frankenheimer Altbier and (branded) Pils are also available.  Sometimes Schwarzbier was on too.

The bar moved some years ago into the inner room when the smoking ban was introduced.  Somehow Frank had not fully embraced what a smoking ban actually meant.  This had changed the atmosphere somewhat.

All change

In 2014, Frank managed the Pension only having given up the Bar which was rebranded as Cafe Wichtig (Important!).

In 2015 Frank left Traben-Trarbach, we now have Chez Mathieu.

The Bar has been restored and transformed.  Once again, it is the finest Bar in Traben-Trarbach, and most importantly, it is smoke free.