Brewery –  Hagenbräu – Gasthaus Brauerei

House –  Gaststätte

Address  –  Am Rhein 3, 67547 Worms

Date of first visit  –  April 7, 2004

Most recent visit

Ruhetag –  Montag

URL – http://www.hagenbraeu.de/

Helles 0.5l VF

This Unfiltered Helles had a strong Hoppy taste. It felt weaker than the OTT Bier consumed in the previous days at Starbess Birrificio in Roma. However, the menu suggested 11.4% which was very confusing.

Dunkles 0.5l VF

This Bier was amazing. A strong dark sensation which went down so well more than one was consumed.

Hefeweizen 0.5l VF

This was my first proper Weizen in quite a few days. The colour was noted as strong, yellow and with a good texture. The taste was excellent, so the Banana count must be significant. This Bier was worth coming back to Deutschland to drink.

Marg had a 0.4l glass of Possman-Frankfurter Apfelwein. Cider comes to Germany was noted at the time.

The venue was a large modern building with great views across the river. The food was outstanding too. Brunhide Hochzeitnachtes was good enough to be noted and quoted after this time. This was Schnitzel covered in a Garlic Sauce. Knoblauch im Deutschland? Not that ubiquitous.

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