Here lies the Castle of my Fadda’

 Königstein lies a few kilometres short of the Czech Border in the Elbe Tal. This is as far upstream as the Pleasure Boats cruise. We arrived by train. The Bahnhof is well run down and the railway line lies along the river bank meaning that the elevated sections block off the view of the Elbe. Walking under a Railway Arch and into the town I felt I was Hebden Bridge. A stream ran towards us, a run down Mill lay in the distance, this was as close as Deutschland gets to the Yorkshire Dales.

As unattractive as this town was, especially having just left Rathen, the attraction is the Schloss. Yes the Castle that appeared on the horizon at Bastei is here. Had we known this we would have budgeted more time to climb up and make the visit – instead we had a Pizza, next time.

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