Pivo a Parek – Praha

Pivo a Parek – Borivojova 58, 130 00 Praha 3

There are two Bars with this Moniker, the other on Korunni is Pivoteka a Parek. Piva a Parek translates as Beer and Sauasage.  Located strategically near the 15 Tram Stop at Lipanska, one should combine a visit to this branch with some fine Cuisine at Mailsi – Pakistani Restaurant which one will pass walking up the hill.


The Bar area has standing room and a fine array of Bottled Pivo, though no doubt one is probably more interested in the Bier on Tap. Six Taps in this Bar and non-smoking.

The interior has a large bright room with large tables which when when full should aid meeting fellow imbibers.

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