Partridge Green – Dark Star – The Partridge

Brewery  –   Dark StarPartridge Green Bier-Traveller (1)

House  –   The Partridge – The Source

Address  –  Church Rd., Partridge Green, Horsham, RH13 8GW

Date of first visit  –  November 9th, 2012

Most recent visit  –   May 8, 2015

Ruhetag  –  Nil


Dark Star started brewing in the basement of the Evening Star in Brighton, Hector is told.  They moved to Partridge Green and The Partridge is now the Brewery Tap.  The entire range of Dark Star Ales may well be be sold here, but not on the same day.

Partridge Green Bier-Traveller (13)Partridge Green Bier-Traveller (28)

Partridge Green Bier-Traveller (17)Partridge Green Bier-Traveller (10)

Revelation 5.5%

The signature Ale available in Cask and Keg.  Having experienced both on the same day in Brighton, the Cask was way better.  This Ale is all about the Hops, it has them.







Smoked Porter

This is so far away in style from the Hoppy Norm, but what an Ale.  Not as hard hitting as Schlenkerla, but still an astonishingly enjoyable Ale.





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