Halifax – Yorkshire

Halifax, West Yorkshire, once a Mill Town then in the latter part of the Twentieth Century famed for the Building Society which was efficient and successful until they amalgamated with the Bank of Scotland to form HBOS. Then came the Crash, dragged down, taken over by Lloyds who may or may not have wanted them. Now they have more or less divorced from the Bank of Scotland.

Halifax, West Yorkshire, how did people ever get around this town before the horseless carriage was invented? It has serious hills. Halifax, a famous WW2 heavy bomber. Halifax, West Yorkshire, halfway between Bradford and Huddersfield by train, except it isn’t. Thanks to Dr. Beeching et al, the train from Bradford loops through Halifax en route to Brighouse before heading south to Huddersfield. Brighouse, a few kilometres directly south of Bradford. So it goes.

One has has learned to take the very regular 576 Bus from Bradford to Halifax, stopping off at Queensbury, England’s highest village, to visit Sarina’s for Lunch.

For Halifax Sagra Curry-Heute (7)Curry Lovers, one can expect the Quality that is served up in West Yorkshire, the only problem is that Curry for Lunch is Verboten, nowhere opens until the evening. Here is a Market Opperchancity for an Entrepreneur.

For the Bier-Traveller, Halifax, West Yorkshire, has become a potential Mecca. Micropubs have been springing up since 2016 to complement the established Victorian/Georgian Pubs.

The established Pubs visited to date:

The Cross Keys – Siddal

Shears Inn

The Gundog

The Three Pigeons

The Micropubs:

Victorian Craft Beer Cafe

The Pump Room

The Grayston Unity

The Alexandra Beer House

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