The Wee Dram

A Scottish Theme Pub in Athens. The Man from Portobello has been here since 2012. He admits his Venue is Pricey, the Scottish Beer and Spirits have to come a long way. Draught Tucher Weizen and the Amstel Bock kept Hector amused. Marg was seduced by the offer of Glasgow Chips. Brown Sauce was available for those from the Far East.

Located a couple of blocks uphill from Panormou Metro Station, very easy to find. And if the Red Elephant is open, then Curry is nearby too.

Maybe we were lucky, but nobody smoked in the Bar Area. In the larger Conservatory-style Room smoking appeared to be permitted, but few were. People don’t smoke in Scottish Pubs, let’s hope The Wee Dram remains authentic.

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