Heraklion – Iraklio (Crete)

For some of us, the first time the name – Heraklion – was ever noticed was at an airport. Ah, the airport in Crete. Being the largest city on Greece’s largest island gives it importance, but one suspects that for the majority, Heraklion is but a stepping stone to the resorts of Crete. It is due to early departure or late arrival that Hector has come to spend two nights in Heraklion. There were decidedly fewer tourists, this city is for the people of Crete. It is also the modern day city associated with the long history of the island and the Minoan Civilisation exemplified by the excavations at nearby Knossos.

The Port and Bust Station are adjecant to each other.  The nearby Airport is affordable by taxi from Heraklion.  The Waterfront is – interesting – rather than necessarily being attractive.

The venues visited:

Crop Roastery-Brewery – 4 Aretousas st., Iraklio, Crete

Beer O’clock – Par. Minotavrou, Iraklio 712 02

Utopia Cafe/Beer – Chandakos 51, Iraklio 712 02

Curry Park Indian Restaurant – Chandakos 58, Iraklio 712 02

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