Il Bovaro Birreria Artigianale

Brewery  –  Il Bovaro Birreria Artigianale

House  –  The Source

Address  – Via Pisana, 3, Firenze, 50143

Date of first visit  – April, 2004

Most recent visit  –  


The Biers:

Riki  4.5%  0.5  VF

Advertised a a Blond, it was so in colour only.  At this abv it felt understrength but at least the dreaded micro after-taste was not evident.  The Bier was slightly clouded and lacked real bite.

 Titan (Birra Rossa)  5%  0.5  VF

This was more like it.  How a Red Bier can be Bitter and Milky now puzzles me.  This was a new taste experience, so I had another.  There was a slight burnt after-taste, I was enjoying  this.  Served in a tall Weizen style granite goblet there was a distinct fun element to the moment.

 Axel  6.3%  0.5  VF

My first reaction to this Bier was to note that it was cheaper than the Rossa, perhaps an error on their part.  This Bier was thicker and more chewy with a definite haze.  This was the Bier of the night.

 Another great night out

‘I am Mozarella balled out.’ I had noted.  The venue was excellent.  Sitting on benches in a busy room, one felt part of the group.  The ceiling was painted as ornately as any famous Italian building.    I feel another visit here is called for.

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