Katowice Bier-Traveller (31)To this commentator, the word – Silesia – takes one to the World of Jules Verne, or even the World of Progressive Rock – Rick Wakeman – Journey to the Centre of The Earth. Katowice Bier-Traveller (52)Katowice Bier-Traveller (51)

One can visit the Mining Museum adjacent to the Stadium which dominates the skyline outside Rynek and go  underground, not quite to the Centre.

Katowice Bier-Traveller (42)Katowice Bier-Traveller (10)

Katowice Bier-Traveller (9)Katowice Bier-Traveller (8)

The Architecture of the Town Centre has been restored to the Classic Eastern European Grandeur, it has a charm.   Beyond, well, forgive them, or blame the Socialist Ideology which was enforced upon this land from 1945 until Solidarnosk.

Katowice Bier-Traveller (33)Katowice Bier-Traveller (25)

Katowice, not the most obvious of destinations, without a Pendragon Concert it may well have been overlooked. After visits in 2014 and 2015 it is well on the radar.

Katowice Bier-Traveller (68)Katowice Bier-Traveller (36)

Great Food at Great Prices. Outstanding Bier at most affordable Prices. Biala Malpa and Browariat should keep most discerning Appreciators Bier amused for a day. Whilst the Curry had been sampled, a one day trip must include Regal Dining at Krysztalowa. Ladies, do NOT order the Ribs!

Recommended Venues:

Browariat  –  Francuska 11 40-015 Katowice

Kontynuacja – Staromiejska 8, 40-013 Katowice
Biala Malpa  –  3 Maja 38 40-097 Katowice
Krysztalowa Restauracja  –  ul Warszwawska 5 Katowice  (Closed)

Restauracja Indyjska Masala House –  Mickiewicza 32, 40-085 Katowice

Buddha  –  ul Drzmaly 9, 40-059, Katowice

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