Poznan Bier-Traveller (1)Poznan lies on the Warta River in Western Polska, under three hours by train from Berlin. Poznan is approximately halfway between Bydgoszcz and Wroclaw.

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Outside the Central Station to the west is the Trade Fair incorporating Sala Ziemi.  The University is immediately East of the Station leading to the Stare Miasto (Old Town).  Continuing eastwards across the river is the Cathedral and the Malta Lake.  Two attractions are found at the eastern end of the Lake (Tram 8), an above average Indian Restaurant and the New Zoo.

North of Stare Miasto is the Park Cytadela.  In addition to a display of tanks and ‘planes, this park features contempoary sculptures. Rather poignantly, the ashes of forty nine of The Fifty from Stalag Luft III are interred in the cemetery.

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The Stare Miasto was rebuilt after 1945, the architectural landscape of Stary Rynek is somewhat spoiled by some 1960s constructions in the heart of the Square.

Poznan Bier-Traveller (20)Stary Rynek contains many fine Bars and Restaurants, the streets leading off, especially to the north, feature the Best Bier Houses.

Poznan Ratuszova Bier-Traveller.com (4)The attractions of Poznan:

International Fair – Sala Ziemi –  Steven Wilson April 2016

Park Cytadela & The Old Garrison Cemetery

Malta Lake & The New Zoo

House Brewery, Bars, and Restaurants:

Ministerstwo Browaru  –  Ratajczaka 34, 61-815 Poznan, Polska

Piwna Stopa  –  Szewska 7, 61-760 Poznan, Polska

Dom Piwa  –  2, Mokra 2, 61-766 Poznan, Polska

Chmielnik  –  Zydowska 27, 61-761 Poznan, Polska

Fermentownia  –  Kwiatowa 2, Poznan, Polska

Amoro del Tropico. Pub  – 

Brovaria  –  Stary Rynek 73, 61-772 Poznan, Polska

Gospoda Poznanska  –  Stary Rynek 82, 61-772 Poznan, Polska

Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa  –  Stary Rynek 85, Poznan, Polska

Meta Seta Galareta Disco  –  Stary Rynek 63, Poznan, Polska

Kriek Belgain Pub & Café  –  Wodna 23, Poznan, Polska

Basilium  –  Wozna 21, 61-776 Poznan, Polska

Restauracja Ratuszova  –  Stary Rynek 55, 61-772 Poznan, Polska

Zascianek kuchnia polska Catering  – n, Polska

Restauracja Indyjska Shivaz  –  Mielzynskiego 16, 61-829 Poznan, Polska

Taj India  –  Wiankowa 3, Poznan, Polska 

Tavaa  –  Ratajczaka 30, Poznan, Polska

Setka Pub –  Swiety Marcin 8, 61-803 Poznan, Polska  –  (Closed)

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