AleBrowar – Wroclaw

AleBrowar – Pawla Wlodkowica 27/1a, 1-400 Wroclaw, Polska

Located on the west side of Stare Miasto just inside the Ring Canal/Moat, this is a dedicated outlet for AleBrowar (Lebork, Polska). Opened in June 2016, it is one of two such AleBrowar outlets presently known (May 2017).  The Gdynia branch is nearer the Brewery which lies to the west.

Open daily from 14.00 until midnight one could do a lot of damage negotiating the entire AleBrowar range from the thirteen Taps.

Rowing Jack was first tasted in Krakow in 2014, the Hoppiest Bier ever encountered.  At 6.2% and IBU 70 this is regarded by many as their Signature Piwa. It should (*) always be available here.

* However, in May 2017, there was no Rowing Jack.… so a Bier from Tempest (Scotland) was the best they had…

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