Prohibicja – Wroclaw

Wroclaw Prohibicja Bier-Traveller (1)Wroclaw Kontynuacja Bier-Traveller (1)

It is rare for Bier-Traveller to initially comment on a Bier House that Hector had not actually had a Bier in, however, Prohibicja  (Ofiar Oswiecimskich 17, 50-069 Wroclaw, Polska) impressed in terms of layout and atmosphere.  This is a Basement Bar, one should note this when looking for any Polish Bier House.

Visiting over two nights in April 2016, the place was stowed mid evening. Perhaps one has to be here at opening time, 17.00. The Board looked fine however a lack of Outstanding Hoppy Piwa made me depart, twice.  In October 2016 Prohibicja was found to be empty on a Tuesday evening, in we go…  This is a popular venue, next door to Kontynuacja.

Wroclaw Prohibicja Bier-Traveller (2)Wroclaw Prohibicja Bier-Traveller (3)

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