Orkney Islands

Orkney Islands

A mere 10km separates the Orkney Islands from the northern tip of the Scottish Mainland. An expensive ten kilometres unless one takes the forty minute crossing, summer only and foot passengers only, from John O’Groats to the south tip of South Ronaldsay at Burwick. An independently operated Catamaran operates between Gill’s Bay in Caithness and St. Margaret’s Hope. Both are bleak landing spots, at least St. Margaret’s Hope is a village with some facilities. The journey lasts an hour and it is of course able to transport vehicles. The more traditional route is the sail to Kirkwall from Aberdeen, alas it is well beyond the hour limit Hector sets himself on any boat. Aeroplane is the way to arrive but FlyBe charge the proverbial arm and leg for this route from Glasgow/Edinburgh. Finding myself with more FlyBe Points than I could spend on a European destination, a trip to Orkney was conceived.



Skara Brae

The Broch of Gurness

Tomb of The Eagles

The Italian Chapel

St. Margret’s Hope


The Ring of Brodgar

There are two Breweries on Orkney:

Highland Brewing Company – Swannay, Orkney Islands

The Orkney Brewing Company – Quoyloo, Orkney Islands

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