Arriving in Monastir by Metro from Sousse, keep heading in the direction the train would have gone if the line had extended another few hundred metres. The Medina is right in front of you, The Ribat cannot be missed. Standing alone above the Beach, this Fortification (Garrison) looks like a Movie Set. It was! But it has a long History before The Monty Python Team chose this area as the setting for the Funniest Film Ever (Hand-)Made.

The Medina is a rather modern looking affair. The buildings are far too polished and with covered pavements on many blocks. One can Snack or Shop here to one’s level of satisfaction, or continue to the Beach. The Ribat is not something one would visit often, but it is a must.

With a ramp on one side of the main courtyard and the infamous tower opposite, one has the choice. Stand in the Footprints Pontius Pilate who introduced Biggus Dickus as a Man who Wanks Highly in all of Wome, or try not to be blown off the top of The Tower. Seagulls were the only entities watching on, not a Flying Saucer in sight. The connecting wall could well have been the very wall where Brian wrote – Romanes eunt domus, once or twice..

Time to watch a Movie, again.  Or read The Blog entry.

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