Golf Bräu – Port El Kantaoui

Brewery  : Golf Bräu

House  :  Microbrewery – The Source

Address  : Opposite Aqualand, Port El Kantaoui, Tunisia

Date of first visit  : July 6th, 2013

URL  :


5% is the estimated abv.

This was a classic Deutsche Helles. Served in a Weissbier Glass because that is the only type they have. Clean and sharp on the palate, it was suitably Dry and Hoppy. It passed the test easily.


Again an estimated 5% abv.

No other source to find out…

This was in fact a Schwartzbier, not a Dunkel. Chewy and Malty it was quite an assault on the palate, especially after the Alcohol-Frei served up at the previous venue. One was enough.

With a handful of people sitting in the outdoor seating area and more at the Bar, there was still no guarantee that this Venue brewed. There were no Fonts on the Bar. Marg and Hector went upstairs to find the Apparatus. Nobody was there so I took the opperchancity to take the required Photos. There was a large lounge and the Bar had Fonts. The Artwork on the walls was most amusing.

In a Bräuhaus which was clearly German Based, there was a display of Interesting Aircraft from bygone days.

Photography complete, it was downstairs for Bier.

By the end of the Hells it was decided we would return. No sign of the Weizen, but the Dunkles was available.

It was Dark on our return, and so was the Bier. Marg had Ice-Cream and the Waiter brought the best Popcorn I have had in years. After the Dunkles it was Hells for the rest of the night. We were out after midnight, a first for this holiday.

A Band was setting up, they would turn out to be most entertaining, well the Guitarist was. With a range form Blues to Jazz his versatility shone through. A joy to watch. Doris, the Singer, was a bit flat at times. The Acoustic Guitarist had his moment whilst the Bass took every opperchancity to show his stuff. Fortunately the Drummer, resplendent in Electronic Kit, did not entertain us with a Solo.

A very pleasant evening. Pity we didn’t discover this place sooner.

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