Brewery  –   Greifenklau

House  –   Gaststätte  –  The Source

Address  –   Laurenziplatz 20, 96049 Bamberg

Date of first visit  –   October 14th, 2003

Most recent visit

Ruhetag Sunday from 14.00, and Monday


Bier Notes

Helles 0.5 VF

It is likely I was at Geifenklau before 2003 having stayed at the Alten Burgblick Hotel behind it in 1997, but there is no recording of this.

They only sold Helles which was somewhat disappointing. The visit here has become a starting point for the days drinking, or a taxi destination when arriving back at the station from an excursion.. Being high up the hill, it is a walk.

August 8th, 2004: this was our best ever visit. There was a Fest at Geifenklau; a small funfair in the street outside at the front, and the Biergarten behind the Gastatte was mobbed. A live band added to the atmosphere and Lord Clive and Hector’s evening was made by the company of some very lovely ladies. The fact that they were well into their 60’s made no difference. They loved their Bier.

Weizen  0.5  VF

A very worthwhile Weissbier is now available.