Brewery  –   Schneider Weisse

House  –   Gaststätte  –  The Source

Address  –  Emil-Ott-Straße 1-5, D-93309 Kelheim

Date of first visit  –   August 3rd, 2003

Most recent visit  –  2008

Ruhetag  – Nil

URL  –

Original Weisse  0.5  Fl

Weizen Hell  0.5  Fl

Having never been particularly fond of the Original Weizen, it was a magical moment when a late night snack in Munchen was accompanied by the Weizen Hell.   This was one of the reason for coming to Kelheim, for some reason the name Schneider has a hold on Hector.

That it was only available in bottles was a major disappointment.  On the third visit in 2005 the Weizen Hell was finally available on draught.  This is a major improvement on the bottled version.  I noted in my first visit  that the Doris did not even pour the bottle properly.

The Brewery tap is always worth a visit because it is an excellent place to eat.  After time spent at Klosert Weltenburg this is a good place to recuperate before heading back to Frischheisen and some sensational Bier.

Karmeleiten Dunkles  0.5  VF

The Dunkles was fine.

Karmeleiten Helles   0.5  Vf

Sampled in October 2004, this was unremarkable.