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Halifax – A Town Now On The Radar

After an Excellent Lamb Handi at Sarina’s (Queensbury-Bradford) en route to Halifax, Howard, Dr. Stan and Hector continued on Bus 576 towards Halifax. Sit downstairs if you don’t have a head for heights, some of the drops beside the road … Continue reading

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Crawley – The Clive’s Not Dead Yet Party

Today marked Hector’s third trip to Crawley in the last couple of months. In mid August, Lady Maggie phoned with devastating news, Lord Clive of Crawley had had a major heart attack, the prognosis was not good. Last month, en … Continue reading

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An afternoon in Brighton, late evening in Crawley

This is the eve of The Rome Trip officially entitled Hectoris Hiatus Horribilis, as close as we could get to – Hector’s Horrible Holidays. Due to the antisocial flight times from Scotland, Edinburgh specifically, it was conceived that The Rome … Continue reading

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Sheffield Park – The Bluebell Railway & The Bessemer Arms

Prior to today, Hector was well aware of the existence of the Bluebell Railway, had seen it on TV Dramas but never knew of its precise locus. As a regular visit to Crawley, West Sussex, it was known to be … Continue reading

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#1 Visit – The Bermondsey Beer Mile

An early rise on a Saturday morning, there must be Bier and Travel involved. News of The Bermondsey Beer Mile has spread north of The Border, The Company are based in Crawley for the weekend. Hector is resident with Lord … Continue reading

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Partridge Green – The Partridge – The Source of Dark Star

Craig and Yvonne announced some weeks ago that they were going to That London for a week. The Bermondsey Mile was mooted, a weekend in Crawley too. Hector signed up for the weekend courtesy of Mr. Stelios providing Flights at … Continue reading

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St. Albans – Waiting for a ‘Plane

And then there were Two Clive and Hector walked down from the Bedford Travelodge towards the Train Station. This took us along Midland Rd., we could not pass the excellent Bala Sweet & Tandoori Centre. After a Tidy Lunch it … Continue reading

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Day Two of the Bedford-Bamberg Spring Fest, then a Pub or Three

A suitably Large Lunch was consumed at a very promising Bedford Curry House the – Bala Sweet & Tandoori Centre. Hector had passed Dr, Stan, Clive and Jonathan by chance at the end of Midland Street in a Wetherspoons that … Continue reading

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Bedford-Bamberg Spring Fest – 2014

Last year the Bedford-Bamberg Spring Fest was not an option, no suitable flight from Glasgow to Luton. This year it was possible to catch the 16.30 and with efficient Bus and Train connections, Hector arrived in Bedford at 18.36. The … Continue reading

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Return to the Drovers Rest, Monkhill

Fifteen of The Company were due to rendezvous for the 09.40 London train, Twelve made it. Bergbock Hell may have finished off Two last night, Euan had his times all wrong. As we crossed over the River Clyde we could … Continue reading

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