Brewery  –   Fässla

House  –   Gastätte – The Source

Address  –  Obere Königsstraße 19-21, 96052

Date of first visit  –  July 30th, 1997

Most recent visit  –   January 29, 2018

Ruhetag  –  Sunday

URL http://www.faessla.de

Bier Notes

Dunkel,  0.5 Direkt

I only have notes relating to the first and therefore only visit in 1997, where for some reason I had the Dunkels. This Bier does appear on their current list,it could’t have been the Babergator? The Weizen comes in bottles, it was the first Bier of the day en route to the station, perhaps it was too early. ‘A dark lager’ was how I described it, I have not had this since. Richard had tried to get us a room here, had he succeeded no doubt we would have spent more time.

Lagerbier, 0.5 Direkt

This is hopefully the Bier that is adjacent to the Gold-Pils. One day we will do a major session here, we always appear to be going somewhere else and as this is the nearest brewery tap to the station, it is a suitable rendezvous point.

Swergla,  0.5 Fl

Hector has since been here numerous times and has stayed at least four times in the last decade, October 2011 being the next scheduled stay. Kenneth and I were there for the 350 years celebration.

The Bier is always an alternative to the norm, more demanding on the palate. The Gold-Pils is usually available for those with no taste in Bier and so I order whatever is not the Pils. Excellent as the Bier is, it unfortunately pales due to the magnificence of what is on offer across the street – Spezial.

Getting accommodation here can be a chore. If one is in town regularly it is best to do it in person. Emails can sometimes take forever to be answered.  Never book a room here if one is not absolutely certain that one will arrive before closing time else you will be on the street. It is a working brewery with a Tap Room. There will be noise in the morning, the bottles must be moved.

Breakfast is much improved since the smoking ban made the room actually enjoyable. That the place shuts Sunday lunchtime is a definite idiosyncracy. Perhaps the staff all go out and get bevied together on a Sunday, else they go to mass. There are bleeders hanging on every wall, it appears.

The website has improved markedly and the response for a request for rooms is typically replied to positively and  stunningly quick.