Que Sera Sera
The Old City in Jerusalem has been my reference point for the quality of a Medina, ater thirty five years of visists, I know it well. The Kasbah in Tangier was pathetic in comparison. Sousse and Monastir in Tunisia (2013) certainly impressed. For the record, we have arrived in Marrakech days after the slaughter of tourists in Sousse / Port El KantaouiThe Grand Place impressed instantly. Having walked though some of the narow streets from our accommodation, there was some appreciation of how big this Medina is. The Big Square is – Big – I recognised it immediately but had to wait for the Wi-fi to verify. This is where James Stewart and Doris Day filmed – The Man who knew too much, a lesser Hitchcock Classic. With the Souk to the north we took the easier path along the main shopping street, dinner was required. La Perle du Sud was an instinctive choice.

Tombeux de Saadiens
Marg and Hector are not big on Museums. We passed plenty. One sign kept catching our eye, the Catacombs in Sousse was a brief but memorable experience, here we go again. A pleasant garden with some ornate architecture dating back centuries. As ever, the local cat population is what Marg will remember. Some things will never change.

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