Meta Seta Galareta Disco – Poznan

Poznan Meta Seta Disco (1)Located on the south-west of Stary Rynek, Meta Seta Galareta Disco  (Stary Rynek 63, Poznan, Polska) is part of a Polish Chain.  Hector has not taken up Disco Dancing, however as a late night venue selling Flavoured Wodka, this is The Place.

If Cherry Wodka does not do it, the Hazelnut surely must.

Such a venue would simply be of no interest outside of Polska, entry fees, rip-off prices, the clientele.  Beware of the Ladies with the red umbrellas in the streets outside, they will take you to dodgy venues.Poznan More Day3  Bier-Traveller (13)

Poznan Meta Seta Disco (4)Poznan Meta Seta Disco (3)Poznan Meta Seta Disco (2)Poznan Meta Seta Bier-Traveller (4)

The venue is a labyrinth and contains some intersting side rooms.  Is this the bedrock of Poznan?

Poznan Meta Seta Disco (9)Poznan Meta Seta Disco (6)

Poznan More Day3  Bier-Traveller (11)

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