Bahnhof Gastatte – ‘Station Bar’

Brewery  –   Lowenbrau-Butenheim

House  –   Buttenheim Bahnhof Gastatte

Address  –  Bahnhof Platz

Date of first visit  –   July 28th, 1997

Most recent visit

Bier Notes

Keller 0.5 VF

On our way back down to the station on this first ever Buttenheim visit,  we decided if the train timetable permitted to stopp off for something to eat. The ‘Station Bar’ remains, it is some time since I have crossed the threshold, we now know that the stopping train back from Forchheim defines the departure time back to Bamberg. The incredibly cheap Bier was brought to us, we did not order it. Our first taste of the Keller Bier. It is the Goulash Soup which makes this outlet linger in the memory. We were told the Soup was spicy. OK. The Chef appeared at the door of the kitchen and gave us the once over. The Soup turned out to be the spiciest Goulash Soup ever set before Hector. Many have been since, alas..