Leuchtturm – Wirtshaus und Brauerei

Brewery  –   Leuchtturm – Wirtshaus und Brauerei

House  –   Gastätte

Address Ansbacher Straße 9, 91710 Gunzenhausen

URL – http://www.leuchtturm-gunzenhausen.de/portal/

Date of first visit  –  July 6, 2005

Most recent visit  –  July 2010

Ruhetag – Tuesday

The Lighthouse is a very distinctive piece of architecture on the other side of the tracks form the main town.

Bier Notes:

Hell 0.5l VF

This is a Naturub Hell, very dry with a sharp hoppy taste.


Marzen/Dunkles 0.5l VF

This had a much thicker body but was not as cheek sucking as the Hell.

The Hell was the Bier of choice when The Friends of Hector paid a visit in July 2010.