This is not a region of Deutschland that leaps off the tongue. The quality of the Bier is questionable. Schleswig-Holstein immediately to the West has been visited before – two trips to Lübeck. When the Lübeck flight was briefly available for Prestwick we wondered how close it was to Peenemünde, too far. Peenemünde has been on the Bucket List for some time therefore. When Rügen Island and Prora, its outrageous attraction, became accessible, it became a matter of time.

It is hard to believe that this region was behind the Iron Curtain for some forty years, nobody tries to hide the opulence, the mostly detached houses are pristine, if the weather was more clement there would probably be a swimming pool in every garden, but realistically, this regions borders The Baltic, or Ostsee as it is known locally.

The places visited:

On Usedom




On Rügen




Jasmund National Park