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Forchheim – The Greif Bockbieranstich

The plan for today was simple: visit the Brauerei Ausschanks in Forchheim then go to Hirchaid for the Bock which was superb last year. Steve might even join us if his flight was on time. It was Lunchtime when we … Continue reading

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Bamberg – via Nürnberg – The Löwenbräu Bockbier Tapping 2016

It’s a long way from Glasgow to Bamberg no matter which mode of transport one uses in terms of time taken. Last year Dr. Stan and I did the Marathon Trek with Eurostar, nights in Brussel and Düsseldorf. Mr. O’Leary … Continue reading

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Buttenheim – The Löwenbräu Bockbier Tapping 2015

As the Bamberg Blog entries have recorded, Hector is no stranger to Bamberg  and Bockbier. However, due to the restraints of employment, only those Bocks which had been tapped by Mid-October were sampled, though Dr. Stan and Hector did return … Continue reading

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München – Oktoberfest 2015 – Mittwoch

This is Hector’s Version, and he’s sticking with it. Hector has been t’Oktoberfest twice, both times during the Glasgow September Weekend, full price flights, rip-off hotel prices in München. Lord Clive of Crawley has been the only Ever-present. When Jonathan … Continue reading

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Morning in München, then Tegernsee – The Other Hofbräuhaus

Everyone who stays at the Hotel Royal always praises the Breakfast. Not a Breakfast Person, even Hector enjoys the Fresh Fruit Salad, Plain Yoghurt and Walnuts that are available from the Buffet. It is a result of mixing San Pellegrino … Continue reading

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München in November – Shopping?

The 06.30 flight from Gatwick to München, Marg and Hector have become regulars on this flight over the last few years. Ironically, easyJet now have an 18.00 Friday evening flight from Edinburgh directly, but this was not the schedule when … Continue reading

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Time to Kick The Can down to München and Perlach

One Night in München, Two Days Fortunately the flight back was not until late the next day. Unfortunately the fast train from Bamberg connects with the slow train from Nürnberg so it was again mid-afternoon before we hit The Town. … Continue reading

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Dörfleins – Now a Ritual Part of any Bamberg Trip

There was a quiet start to the last day in Bamberg for this year. Coffee with Marg was part of accompanying Marg round what one tends to forget to highlight, the sheer pleasure of being in Bamberg. Lunch was called … Continue reading

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Erlangen, Buttenheim and Schlenkerla, now Open Seven Days

There was only one way to solve what was becoming a Kebab Crisis, have Curry-Heute. This involved Persuading everyone that Erlangen was The Place to start the Day. Not a problem, a Train Journey was just what people required. Eh? … Continue reading

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Es Gibt Bock Heute?

Furry Boots are You Frae’? (I blame the Planners.) There is a delicate Balance, maintaining the Bamberg Ritual and keeping Marg amused. Apparently I had to see a couple of jackets. They were fine but not required. This was a … Continue reading

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