Jasmund National Park

This Park, or Forest, lies immediately to the north of Sassnitz. Famous for it Chalk Cliffs which would bear more of a resemblance to Dover if the trees were cleared back. Imagine Dover with a Forest on the Cliff-Edge. The Königstuhl is a famous Viewpoint. Why it costs €7.50 to access it is a mystery. Or was this for a film in German that nobody invited us to watch? The problem with standing on such an impressive viewpoint is that it is impossible to take a photograph of the pinnacle one is standing upon. The Victoria View, named after a British Princess before she became Queen, by her Father-in-Law, is where one gets the best view of the Königstuhl and vice versa. From there lies an 8km walk through the Beech Forest, and sometimes close to the Cliff-Edge, back to Sassnitz. It is what one does.

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