Trassenheide was chosen for a night’s accommodation because it was the nearest affordable place to reside on the Usedom Island and was accessible by train to Peenemünde. The Pension Bernstein puts many a British Hotel to shame. The visit was brief, enough time to notice that every house was perfect. One wonders what this place looked like in 1989. In the early 1940s this is where the workers at nearby Peenemünde were camped.

On a flippant note, they take their toileting seriously in Trassenheide, the facility at the Bahnhof for humans is matched by the stands throughout the town for dogs, I hope they can read Deutsch.

There was time for a single Bier at the Gastätte Nordwind, but no time to visit the Butterfly Farm at the Bahnhof, next time…

The only place in town:

Gastätte Nordwind  –  Strandstraße 2,  17449, Trassenheide

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