Ceská republika – Czechia

1992 was when I first set foot on Czech soil, back then it was in its final year as being Czechoslovakia. It was on Kenenth’s insistence that we go to Prague.  The next trip was ten years later this time with Marg just after the Prague Floods of 2002.  There were two visits in 2007, one in the warmest February on record, Howard still has not worn his Long Johns and then in the summer on Robin’s 60th Birthday Tour there was the Birth of Hector.

2012 saw Hector’s Heroic Homecoming, and Robin has another significant Birthday.  2105 was the Pivo Tour with Fred Waltman, and finally a return at the start of 2017, ten years after the incarnation of – Hector.

Links to the locations visited:




Ceske Budjovice


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