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First found in February 2012 and visited most recently in February 2014, this is Our Local. Platia Iroon 1, (Psirri, Monastiraki, Athens 15565)  is easily found and sits in the corner of a Small Square. The wide open frontage makes the smokers less of an issue. The Tables downstairs are supplemented by the upstairs balcony. With around half a dozen Biers on Draught including Greek Microbreweries, worth a visit alone. Add to this a Range of German Bier that would do the Allison Arms proud just after Olaf Schellenberg has visited, and well, they have it. Other Nationalities of Bier are there too, but their German selection is Eclectic.

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Then there’s the Happy Hour from 18.00 to 20.30. Buy One get another Free on Draught Bier.

Meanwhile the Lovely Doris is prepared to cook from their Menu. If one orders no Food, Nibbles arrive.

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Mein Host is aware of Bier-Traveller. Indeed, having gone straight to the Banner at the Top of the Page to find it blank…. well, embarrassingly, this was the motivation to finally start writing up the Hector Travel Guide to Hellas.

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This is going to take some time.

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